Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pharmaceutical Collection Day in Schuyler County

Saturday, April 30 from 10-2.

The Schuyler County Sheriff’s Department will be collecting old and unwanted medications (pills and capsules only, NO needles or liquids) free of charge at the Tyrone Fire Department (3600 St Rte 226, Dundee) and the Odessa Fire Department (300 Main Street, Odessa). It is no longer suggested by state officials to flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet due to possible water contamination. Instead, store them in a safe secure location out of children’s reach and take them to a collection location. It is anticipated that Schuyler County will hold one collection event annually in September. For more information on the national collection day please visit the Department of Drug Enforcement’s website at For more information on the Schuyler County event please call the Sheriff’s Department at 535-8222.

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