Friday, March 23, 2012

Energy Efficiency in Schuyler County

Upgrading Energy Efficiency in Schuyler County. Pursuing energy efficiency is an economic development strategy that will create jobs and improve a community’s overall health and vitality as energy savings recirculate locally. The material outlines how leaders in your community can move energy efficiency forward within three areas of focus: market demand, financing, and workforce.View document here or here

The Susquehanna-Chemung Action Plan

The Susquehanna-Chemung Action Plan is a watershed management plan for the Susquehanna and Chemung River Basins. This plan uses “ecosystem-based management” approach that integrates human needs, economic issues, and environmental concerns. This two year planning effort has culminated in a resource rich website, a GIS data viewer and an Action Plan. All located at Please use these resources, implement recommendations and communicate with Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board about how the action plan is working for you. They will be evaluating progress on this plan yearly and updating every five years.