Tuesday, November 18, 2008

EnergyStar Televisions Released

New EnergyStar Televisions Released

The Environmental Protection Agency has released a new rating system for energy efficient televisions with 229 models receiving the EnergyStar designation. The new rating system focuses on “phantom load”. Televisions that utilize a remote still use energy even when they are turned off, these new televisions don’t. EnergyStar televisions use 30% less energy than standard televisions which can use as much energy as a refrigerator (typically the biggest energy user in the home). For a list of qualifying televisions visit EnergyStar.gov. The more efficient models may cost slightly more but you must always keep in mind the initial purchase price versus the ongoing energy costs, in the end, the more energy efficient models are the most cost effective. For more ways to save energy visit www.getenergysmart.org.

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