Friday, October 29, 2010

DEC official: Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan would have 'jaw-dropping' impact on Southern Tier

Article highlighted in the Star Gazette By Jon Campbell • • October 27, 2010, 9:00 pm.

DEC official: Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan would have 'jaw-dropping' impact on Southern Tier

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Mr A! said...

Well I sure don't agree with the underlying argument by opponents of the proposed rules if it is that "we can't afford" to limit pollution of our operations.

If the claim is "we are small operations and deserve special consideration" then I'm still not sure I agree with the notion that basically says smaller enterprises can pollute without regulation.

The real problem with so many NY small-holdings is the same as that of giant agri-business: the profitability of the enterprises still often hinges on being able to "dump" costly outputs onto the ecosystems without cost.

Switching to sustainable practices - which small holdings should be more creative about - is how to make more profit and lessen unsustainable inputs (fossil fuels) and outputs (water pollution).

And finally the farm bureau gentleman's quote... is just typically hypocritical: " 'It looks like we will not have this massive federal bureaucracy suddenly regulating our farms,' said Peter Gregg, a spokesman for the Farm Bureau."

We all know the Farm Bureau dose many good things but has been a big fan of decades-long stream of subsidies from that "massive federal bureaucracy". Surely they can't say they'll take the subsidies but not the regulations? Actually... as we know, they do that all the time!

I don't think this decision is something to cheer about.