Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Lights Recycling Program

Send your old incandescent Christmas lights to for recycling and receive a coupon good for 25 percent off any purchase.

What happens to the lights you send?

They are taken to a recycling facility located in Jackson, MI, where they are put through a commercial shredder, which chops them into little pieces. The pieces are further processed and sorted by the various components that make up the lights (pvc, glass, copper). These materials are then separated and transported to a regional cnter for still more processing.

Send holiday lights for recycling to:
Attn: Recycling Program
118 Rosehill Dr.
Suite 1
Jackson, MI 49202

Include your name and e-mail address (clearly printed). All coupons are e-mailed (about once a month), which is why your e-mail address is required.

How to pack lights for shipping
Please follow these instructions for sending your old lights to be recycled:

*Coordinate with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and other groups to collect and send lights in a bulk shipment. This helps reduce shipping has on the environment.

*Make all lights sets as compact as possible so that they fit into the smallest packaging feasible.

*Use cardboard boxes or other packaging that can easily be recycled.

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