Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Northeast Silvopasture Conference Presentations

All the PowerPoint presentations from the Northeast Silvopasture Conference on November 7 -8, 2011 have been posted online at the following website:
Scroll down to “Agroforestry – Silvopasturing” and choose which one you would like to view (you do not need a special viewer – they have been converted into PDF format for your convenience). Presentations available on-line at the site:
• Silvopasture Ecosystem Services
• Expanding Silvopature in the Northeast
• Graziers Woodland Management Basics
• Meat Goats and Sugarbush Woodlot Management
• Silvopasture Benefits
• Silvopasture Case Study
• Silvopasture Benefits to Integrating Farm and Forest
• Silvopasture Economics
• Silvopastures: a Pantry and Pharmacy for Man and Beast
• Suitability of Lands for Silvopasture
• USDA Resources Assistance for Silvopastoralists
• Woodland Managers Grazing Basics

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